Medical dressings processing technology wanted by a Shandong company

A Shandong-based company is seeking suppliers of functional medical dressings processing technology.

A Chinese company wants UK suppliers, or partners who can supply, processing and engineering technology for functional medical and surgical dressings.

The Shandong-based company:

- was founded in 2004
- owns 100,000 grade purified workshops, with auto machines and technology imported from the UK for the production of medical dressings
- specialises in R&D and manufacture of high-tech medical dressings with CE certification and FDA registration
- produces alginate calcium dressing, PU film dressing (includes transparent semi-permeable dressing, transparent island dressing, and surgical operation film), adhesive wound dressing and surgical tape

Are you interested? Please click the below link to apply:

Business Sector: Healthcare & Life Sciences
Closing Date: Friday, June 30, 2017 - 00:00