Wooden furniture design and technology wanted by Beijing company

A Beijing based company seeks UK wooden furniture products, technology and partnerships.

A Beijing-based furniture company is seeking UK products, technology and partnerships to move up the value chain by providing either UK made, UK branded or UK designed wooden furniture products to its high-end client base.

The company’s main clients are 4 and 5 star hotel chains, office buildings and luxury condos and apartments.

The types of products of interest are anything that’s high-tech and advanced eg sensory lighting and room doors that open when approached.

The chosen UK partner should have a long history in the wooden furniture industry with both design and manufacturing capabilities.

The wooden furniture can be anything from doors, cupboards, flooring, walls or any form of wooden furniture.

The form of partnership is open for discussion, with potential cooperation models such as:

- direct import of products
- acting as distributor/agent of the UK partner in China
- co-development of designs and products
- intellectual property (IP) transfers

Are you interested? Please click the below link to apply:

Business Sector: Energy, Environment & Infrastructure
Closing Date: Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 00:00