Arts and new media higher education sought by a Wuhan university

A university is looking for a partner to open a joint higher education programme in Arts and New Media subjects.

You need to be interested in 3 plus 1 or 2 plus 2 modes of higher education joint student exchange programs.

The univeristy's School of Arts has established student exchange programmes with universities from Australia and Malaysia. It is now interested in developing similar programmes with a UK art college.

It is based in Wuhan in eastern China.

You must not previously worked with other Chinese universities.

The university is happy to have a discussion from September 2017 onwards. It hopes to draft an Memorandum of Understanding before May 2018 between the 2 parties.

Are you interested? Please click the below link to apply:

Business Sector: Education & Training
Closing Date: Sunday, December 31, 2017 - 00:00