Football exchange programme sought by a Xi’an university

A university in Xi’an is interested in setting up long-term relations with UK universities.

It is interested in discussions about future football training programmes with UK education organisations. The programmes would be 3 years in China and 1 year in the UK or 2 years in China and 2 years in the UK.

It is also interested in setting up long-term relations with UK football clubs. The university is initially interested in providing short term football training for teachers and students whilst also introducing coaches from UK football clubs.

The university in Xi’an was founded in 1954 and its football school, established in February 2017, was the first football academy in northwest China. The school now has 450 undergraduate students, more than 40 postgraduate students, and more than 30 full-time and part-time teachers and professors. The university has established overseas relations with other Danish and Korean universities and a Spanish football club. In addition, in recent years the university has carried out some short-term exchange programmes.

The football school helps students achieve qualifications in football coaching, refereeing and becoming campus instructors. In 2016, the provincial department of education organised a visit to France and the UK for the head of the football school and the provincial sports delegation.

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Business Sector: Education & Training
Closing Date: Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 00:00