Robotic solutions for deep sea mining

A Chinese shipbuilding company seeks robotic technology that is able to walk across the seabed and navigate robots precisely.

This company, established in 1999, manufactures and repairs marine equipment and facilities used for ocean freight, sea mining, and the general marine industry. Its key products include: various weighted drydocks, slipways, crude oil tankers, shuttle tankers, and FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading). Currently, the group is developing deep sea mining robots for metal sulphide.

Joint research, JV, and direct purchase of this mature robot technology, are all acceptable options for the Chinese company.

The robot is expected to have comprehensive abilities and be able to walk, climb, cross ditches, and avoid obstacles on the extremely soft and bumpy seabed. It is also required to have precise navigation and position technology, with calibration systems to enable the robot to arrive at the right mining point.

Robot technology criteria and parameters are requested as follows:

- water depth: 3km
- scale of sea state: 4
- ground pressure: 3 to 5kpa
- speed: 2m/s
- up and low climbing height: 20 metres
- lateral climbing height:10 metres
- width of the ditch: 1 metre
- positioning accuracy: 2 metres

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Business Sector: Advanced Engineering, Manufacturing & Transport
Closing Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 00:00