University partner sought for inspection and quarantine courses

A university in Yibin, Sichuan wants UK university partners to set up joint programmes or an institute in inspection and quarantine.

You should be a UK university or institute willing to set up joint-programmes and which can award Bachelor’s degrees in the areas of quality management, inspections and quarantine.

The university in Yibin would like to discuss potential cooperation models with interested UK partners in more detail.

It was authorised by China’s Ministry of Education in May 2001 as a comprehensive university under the direct administration of Sichuan province.

It also:

- has 18 schools covering 9 fields of study, including: literature, science, engineering, management, economics, law, education, art, and agriculture
- has 3 majors: ‘Quality Management’, ‘Food Quality and Safety’, and ‘Animals and Plants Quarantine’
- has 16,000 students and a faculty of 1,118
- is ranked number 519 nationally, and number 22 in Sichuan Province in 2017

Its College of Quality Management and Inspection and Quarantine was established in 2015, and has been recruiting undergraduate students since 2016. It was founded under the ‘Five Party Framework Agreement for Developing Yibin through Quality’ by various government bodies, as well as Yibin University.

Are you interested? Please click the below link to apply:

Business Sector: Education & Training
Closing Date: Friday, February 23, 2018 - 00:00