UK boarding schools wanted by a Chengdu education company

A Chengdu education company seeks boarding schools that can offer one-week study tours for children aged eight to 11.

A Chengdu-based education company is looking for UK boarding schools that can offer one-week study tours to children aged eight to 11 years old during the school semester.

The study tour will be video-recorded by a film crew from a Sichuan TV Station and may have the chance to be broadcast;

The UK boarding school should be willing to accept the video recording and to assist getting permission from UK parents. The Chengdu education company fully understands the regulations regarding filming UK children and will work closely with the school to get permissions from UK parents who allow their children to appear in the video.

Approximately 20 students will participate and the tour is planned to occur in April or May 2018.

The education company has organised study tours to the UK for Chinese children and parents since 2014. The focus of the tour is not just sightseeing, but experiencing the culture, history, and communications between China and the UK.

Starting 2018, it will cooperate with a Sichuan TV Station to organise two week study tours during the semester that incorporate in-class study with UK students, and outdoor learning camps.

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Business Sector: Education & Training
Closing Date: Friday, February 23, 2018 - 00:00