Co-operation wanted by a medical university in Xi’an

A medical university wants to co-operate with UK universities in a joint school programme.

You should be able to offer a midwifery and rehabilitation nursing programme for undergraduate students.

Students would spend 2 years in Xi’an and 2 years in the UK, or 3 years in Xi’an and 1 year in the UK.

You would then award the degree.

The university is also interested in:

- foreign study programmes
- staff and student exchange programmes
- joint school operations

It was established in 1951 and has 3 campuses.

The university consists of 10 key teaching units which include colleges and departments of:

- clinical medicine
- nursing
- English
- sports
- health management

A model for co-operation can be discussed after contact is established.

Are you interested? Please click the below link to apply:

Business Sector: Education & Training
Closing Date: Friday, June 1, 2018 - 00:00