WeChat Brand Protection, 25th May, Shanghai

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CBBC invites you to a presentation from WeChat’s Brand Protection team on how to improve intellectual property (IP) protection on social media.



CBBC, IPCC and Tencent signed a strategic cooperation agreement in 2016 in order to promote IP protection among Chinese internet companies and social media. The agreement has been awarded on the Top-Ten Items of 2016 list by Shenzhen’s IPO. See more at this link.

CBBC has already been working with Tencent to support UK rights owners on WeChat, including a special pilot project on well-known trademark holders.

CBBC and WeChat would like to take this opportunity to encourage more UK companies to understand and join their BPP mechanism to enable enhanced IP protection.







  • Intro to IP Protection on WeChat
  • Joining the Brand Protection Platform (BPP)
  • Rules for IP Infringements
  • How to Submit Notifications


10:00am – Registration

10:15am – CBBC IP Programme Intro

10:30am – WeChat Brand Protection

11:15am – Brand Owner Sharing

11:30am - Q&A

12:00pm – Finish



  • 微信知识产权保护现状简介
  • 微信品牌维权平台介绍
  • 如何接入微信品牌维权平台
  • 微信侵权投诉相关规定



上午10:00 – 签到 
上午10:15 – CBBC, Mick Ryan
上午10:30 – 微信品牌维权平台团队
上午11:15 – 品牌方分享
上午11:30 – 微信问答环节
中午12:00 – 结束



Format:        Presentations and Q&A

Open to: All CBBC members

To apply by email: Hannah.Rea@cbbc.org.cn

形式: 讲座 & 问答 (全中文)
免费邀请: CBBC会员 
报名邮箱: Hannah.Rea@cbbc.org.cn


       Speakers 主讲嘉宾:


Maurice He is WeChat Brand Protection Platform (BPP) specialist, and senior legal counsel. He is responsible for IP registrations and rulemaking on the WeChat BPP. Maurice graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. 




Ted Wu is also a BBP specialist at WeChat, as well as senior legal counsel. He is responsible for BPP backend optimization as well as the platform’s rulemaking. Ted graduated from the School of Law at Sun Yat-sen University.




May 25th, 2017 10:00 AM   to   12:00 AM