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Marine engineering company seeks UK partners

Business Opportunity Summary:

A marine engineering company based in south China seeks UK partners that can provide related design services and technology and equipment.

Text (Chinese):

Established in 1974, this marine engineering corporation is one of the largest research institutes for shipbuilding and marine engineering in south China. Its business scope includes the research and design of naval/civil vessels, as well as the research and design for marine engineering projects. It has experience in researching and designing complex vessels, particularly wave piercing vessels. It has also conducted research into single and multi-point mooring systems, as well as oil transportation terminal technology.

It has completed over 400 design projects for vessels, and 60 for marine engineering systems. Its product ranges include designing oil carrier, search and rescues, fishery, law enforcement vessels, sight-seeing ferries, fire-fighting vessels (1,500 tonnes). It has also conducted research for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) power boats and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO).

It is currently interested in developing cooperation with UK partners that can provide:

1. Electric propulsion, battery propulsion technology
2. High-end fishery equipment
3. LNG transport and power vessel design
4. High performance catamaran and triple-hull ship design
5. Offshore single point mooring and multi point mooring (spread mooring) equipment
6. Luxury yacht design
7. Dynamic positioning system design

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