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Shipping exchange centre in Shenzhen seeks services from the UK

Business Opportunity Summary:

A Shenzhen based shipping exchange centre seeks UK partners to provide services.

Text (Chinese):

This shipping exchange centre is approved by the Chinese government. It provides an exchange platform for yachts and other services including finance, leasing and chartering. It has 872 members in China, and its members can list their requirements via the shipping exchange centre.

The shipping exchange centre is aware of the UK’s experience in ship management, ship broker training, harbour management consulting, as well as ship design and production.

It seeks UK partners that can provide the following services:

• Yacht design
• Yacht suppliers
• Yacht producer interested in selling and setting up a factory in south China via a joint venture
• Consultancy services to manage yachts and marinas
• Harbour management consulting firm (port, port of registry, yacht harbour)

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