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Suzhou based company seeks UK private school

Business Opportunity Summary:

A Suzhou-based real estate development company seeks UK private school to introduce British curriculum, particularly A-level courses.

Text (Chinese):

This Suzhou-based investment company was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of an oil company founded in 1998. The parent company’s business includes the production and trade of refined oil product, and real estate development and investment home and abroad. The company currently reports a total asset value of RMB 450 million (approx. GBP 45 million), with annual sales revenue of RMB 5 billion (approx. GBP 500 million).

The investment company focuses on real estate development both in China and overseas, with two commercial investments in Auckland, New Zealand. In Suzhou, it is developing an urban complex with an office building, shopping centre and apartment complex.

The company now seeks an experienced UK private school willing to bring high quality British education system to Suzhou area. Schools that offer existing A-level curriculum and are well-established are highly sought after.

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