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UK university partner sought for programmes in inspection and quarantine

Business Opportunity Summary:

A university in Yibin wants to partner with a university or institute to set up joint programmes in inspection and quarantine.

Text (Chinese):

The university is looking for:

- a partner to set up joint-programmes
- an institute that can grant Bachelor’s degrees in quality management, inspections and quarantine

It was authorised by the Chinese government in May 2001 and:

- has 18 schools covering subjects such as literature, science, engineering and agriculture
- has 16,000 students and a faculty of 1,118
- is ranked 519th nationally and 22nd in Sichuan province in 2017
- it’s college of Quality Management and Inspection and Quarantine was established in 2015
- has 3 majors in Quality Management, Food Quality and Safety, and Animals and Plants Quarantine

The university would like to discuss the potential co-operation model with interested UK partners in more detail.

It is in Sichuan province in southern China.

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