Infra Academy Webinar Series, Session 2: Solar and Battery Storage Investment – Technological Integration and What the Future Holds



Our next webinar on 29th October will look at the solar and battery storage sector in the UK, reveal the current market dynamics in investing in solar assets and battery storage projects and interactions between technologies and investment of real projects. The industry chain is following a significant integration in this sector, the landing and adaption of emerging technological generations and innovations in the UK, as well as the opportunities and challenges brought by investment potential of solar and battery storage projects in the UK, had attracted huge attention from participants across the whole industry chain and investors in other sectors.


Our first speaker, Logan Kube, from Deloitte, will introduce the investment opportunities and recent market transactions in this sector, adding the comparison of regulatory frameworks with China. Our second speaker will be Shane Swords from NextEnergy Capital, his presentation will mainly focus on the subsidy free solar assest in the UK by introducing NextEnergy Capital’s work as a case study. And our third speaker is Mark Christensen from Reliagen, his presentation topic is Strategic investment in battery storage, he will mainly introduce the battery storage development in the UK with investment potential and opportunities.

我们的第一位演讲嘉宾是来自德勤的洛根·库布,他将介绍他将介绍该领域的投资机会和近期的市场交易,并将补充与中国监管框架的比较。我们的第二位演讲者是来自NextEnergy Capital的肖恩·斯沃兹,他的演讲主要是通过将NextEnergy Capital的成功经验作为一个案例研究来关注英国零补贴下的太阳能投资。我们的第三位演讲者是来自Reliagen的马克·克里斯坦森,他的演讲主题是电池存储的战略投资,他将主要介绍英国电池存储的发展以及投资潜力和机会。

Date: Thursday 29th October 2020
日期:2020年10月29日 星期四
Time: 16:00-17:30 (CST), 8:00-9:30 (BST)
时间:16:00-17:30(北京时间),8:00-9:30 (伦敦时间)
Language: English and Chinese, with simultaneous interpretation provided


October 29th, 2020 8:00 AM   to   9:30 AM
Zoom Webinar