Success at a Distance: How to Set Up, Run and Exit a Successful Business in China from Europe

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Join German entrepreneur and lawyer, Richard Hoffmann to learn how to successfully establish and grow a foreign company in China. Richard will share his own experience of how he grew a two-person company to have 70 staff over 8 years: becoming the biggest German SME in Beijing at the time – ultimately selling the business to a global private equity company. Their success was purely based on strategy, including a designed way to motivate the team to exceed. Richard will help explain:
•    Why did this company grow faster than its competitors?
•    How can you run a company in China from Europe?
•    What corporate structuring elements are important to consider when a subsidiary is so far away in a market like China?
•    How to manage and motivate employees?
•    What internal control mechanisms should be introduced as a company grows?
Richard will use practical examples to show how he led the company – and what you can do to be successful in China.
We would like to offer you an interactive experience and Richard will be happy to engage in conversation with you. Your personal experiences and questions are therefore very welcome.

* Please note, your contact information may be shared with the speakers from this event.


September 14th, 2021 9:00 AM   to   10:00 AM
Zoom Webinar