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BSI is the business improvement company that enables organizations to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence. For over a century BSI has championed what good looks like and driven best practice in organizations around the world. Working with 84,000 clients across 193 countries, it is a truly international business with skills and experience across a number of sectors including aerospace, automotive, built environment, food, and healthcare. Through its expertise in Standards Development and Knowledge Solutions, Assurance, Regulatory Services and Professional Services, BSI improves business performance to help clients grow sustainably, manage risk and ultimately be more resilient.
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BSI 是一家能够帮助组织将最佳实践标准转化为卓越习惯的业务改进公司。一个世纪以来,BSI 始终致力于追求卓越并促进全球组织采用最佳实践。BSI 在全球 193 个国家/地区拥有 84,000 多家客户,作为一家真正的国际企业,它拥有涵盖众多行业(包括汽车、航空航天、建筑环境、食品和医疗保健)的丰富技能和专业知识。BSI作为在数字化建造环境领域的数字化升级的引领者,通过其核心优势—标准的制定、实施、审核和培训为行业提供持续和可靠性的提升,积极推动中国工程建设行业的数字化转型和升级,助力企业的转型和行业人才的培养。


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389 Chiswick High Road, London W4 4AL, United Kingdom

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Paulo Lopes
Director Strategic Partnerships, Greater China 战略合作总监
Tel: 400 - 005 - 0046