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abrdn is a leading global investment company with over 50 locations worldwide and employs around 6,000 people.


At abrdn, we empower our clients to plan, save and invest for their futures. We structure our business into three areas – and together they reflect our focus on enabling our clients to be better investors: • Investments: We work with clients to create solutions across markets, asset classes and investment strategies – combining our global network of investment professionals with research, data and technology. • Adviser: We offer market-leading platform technology and tools that enable UK wealth managers and financial advisers to look after the diverse needs of their clients. • Personal: We help people throughout the UK plan for their financial futures – through our financial planning business, our digital direct-to-consumer services and discretionary fund management services. Through the expertise, insight and innovation of our team, we aim to help clients create more ways for money to make an impact. We set our sights on giving them more confidence to achieve their goals, and more clarity about what they need next. And we focus on delivering outcomes that are more than just financial – by investing sustainably to build a better world. We’re a global business, with clients in 80 countries. We manage and administer £535 billion of assets on their behalf, and we have over 1 million shareholders. (Figures as at 31/12/2020) In July 2021 we changed our plc name from Standard Life Aberdeen to abrdn. All of the client-facing brands we use globally will be switching to our new abrdn brand identity. Over the coming months this will include Aberdeen Standard Investments, Aberdeen Standard Capital, the Standard Life Wrap and Elevate platforms, and 1825 financial planning.

在安本,我们为客户赋能,助其为未来进行规划、储蓄和投资。 我们的业务划分为三个领域,着重于让我们的客户成为更好的投资者: • 投资:我们与客户合作,将我们的全球投资专业人员网络与研究、数据和科技相结合,共同创建跨市场、资产类别和投资策略的解决方案。 • 顾问:我们提供市场领先的平台技术和工具,使英国的财富管理者和财务顾问能够满足客户的不同需求。 • 个人理财:我们通过财务规划业务、直接面向消费者的数字服务和自主基金管理服务,帮助英国人规划其财务前景。 通过我们团队的专业知识、洞见和创造力,我们致力于帮助客户打造更多投资途径,让资金发挥真正的作用。我们的目标是让客户更有信心实现自己的目标,更清楚地了解未来需要。我们所专注的,不仅仅是实现财务成果,还要通过可持续性投资创造一个更美好的世界。 我们是一家全球性企业,客户遍布80个国家。我们代表客户管理和经营5350亿英镑的资产,拥有100多万股东。(数据截至2020年12月31日) 2021年7月,本集团从“标准人寿安本”(Standard Life Aberdeen)更名为“安本”(abrdn)。我们在全球使用的所有面向客户的品牌都将转为我们新的安本品牌标识。未来几个月,这将包括安本标准投资管理(Aberdeen Standard Investments,)、安本标准资本(Aberdeen Standard Capital)、Standard Life Wrap 和 Elevate 平台,以及“1825财务规划”。 abrdn.com 投资的价值会有涨跌起伏,投资者亦可能会遭受投资本金的亏损。

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abrdn, 6 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2AH

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Heng An Standard Life Insurance, 18/F, Tower II, The Exchange, 189 Nanjing Road, Heping District, Tianjin, 300051, PRC
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