London Corporate Training (LCT) is a leading training provider in the UK, offering over one hundred short training courses in London and around the world, covering all areas of management. Quality is assured through accreditation by the British Accreditation Council – in the same way as English language teaching quality is confirmed by accreditation by the British Council.

Training provided by LCT covers a wide range of management skills. Advanced Management for Company Directors and Senior Executives; Soft Skills such as Leadership, Delegation, and Team-building; Contract and Operations Management; Logistics; Human Resources and Personnel Management, including ‘Train the Trainer’; Public Relations; Secretarial Skills for Personal Assistants and Senior Secretaries; and Finance at levels from Finance Directors down to courses for beginners like “Finance for Non-Financial Managers” – ideal for newly promoted junior managers. Regular courses are short and from a few days up to three weeks duration. Shorter or longer courses can be made to suit clients’ needs.

LCT also specialises in tailor-made training. Here we need to know the subject to be covered, the main points to be included in the training and the level of knowledge of the people attending. Ideally these courses are run in London, for three good reasons. First, whatever the subject, we guarantee that training will be carried out by experts. Second, we will ensure that not all the training will be in the classroom. Visits will be arranged to appropriate organisations, whether Government Departments, professional Institutes, Trade Associations, factories etc. Courses are delivered by professional and highly qualified trainers, with extensive experience in their respective fields. Presentation is normally in English but arrangements can be made for delivery in any language, including Chinese.

LCT serves major clients in over a hundred countries, operating in the following sectors: Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals, Banking and Financial Services, the Public Sector, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Ports and Transport Authorities,
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伦敦企业管理培训学院 (LCT) 是英国领先的培训提供商, 在伦敦和世界各地提供逾百种短期培训课程, 涵盖所有管理领域。 他们保证培训课程的质量并通过英国认证委员会的认可--与英语语言教学质量一样, 得到英国领事管的认可。

LCT提供的培训涵盖了广泛的管理技能。高级管理课程针对公司董事和高级管里层; 软技能, 如领导、委派、谈判和团队建设; 合同和业务运行管理; 物流; 人力资源和人事管理, 包括 "培训培训师"; 公共关系; 个人助理和高级秘书的文秘技能; 财务课程的等级从财务总监到财务初级课程, 如 "非财务经理的财务", 对新晋升的初级管理者非常适合。 正规课程是短期的, 跨度可以从几天到三个星期的时间。为满足客户的需要可以提供更短或更长的课程。

特殊, 量身定做的课程
LCT还专门从事量身定做的培训。 在这里, 我们需要知道课程涵盖的主题和要点以及参加培训的人员相对的知识水平。这些课程在伦敦开办更为理想, 有三个理由。 首先, 无论是什么课题, 我们保证培训由专家进行。 第二, 我们将确保所有的培训不是都在教室里。 参访将会安排在相关机构、政府部门、专业学院、商会、工厂等。第三,课程由专业和高素质的教员提供, 他们在各自的领域有丰富的实战经验。 演示文稿通常是英文的, 但可以用任何语言 (包括中文) 安排教学。

LCT服务的主要客户跨越上百个国家, 主要培训的有以下行业领域: 石油、天然气和石化、银行业和金融服务、公共部门、电信、制造业、港口和运输当局,
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