ICBC Standard Bank

'ICBC Standard Bank is a leading financial markets and commodities bank. We offer our clients specialist knowledge and expertise to develop and grow their investments across the globe. Our Chinese and African parentage provides your business access to an extensive global network in both developed and emerging economies. We connect clients to opportunities, which is our distinct competitive advantage, and partner with them to achieve their investment project objectives.

ICBC Standard Bank (ICBCS), in partnership with Oxford Economics - a world leader in macroeconomic research and forecasting, has developed a suite of Belt and Road Economic Indices, that will offer investors with a standardised framework to compare the investment climates and economic and political risks of individual countries across the “Belt and Road” region. The indices will further provide meaningful and unique thought leadership to the policy dialogue around the success of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in terms of increased bilateral connectivity with China as a driver of economic development in these countries. All of our B&R publications are free for download via the link below.

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