Imperial College London


Imperial College London is a top-10 global university focused exclusively on science, technology, engineering, medicine and business.

Consistently ranked amongst the world's best universities, Imperial is committed to developing the next generation of researchers, scientists and business leaders. We are uniquely organised around the principle of collaboration across disciplines and we achieve this through our world-class Academic Departments, Research Centres of Excellence and Global Challenge Institutes.

Imperial's Academic Strategy 2020-2025 has identified specific themes where the College will seek to accelerate discovery and impact to society through strategic college-wide initiatives and industry partnerships, for example, smart and resilient systems, AI and machine learning, food security and innovation, health and wellbeing in a challenging environment, and future cities.  

A central objective of the College is to strengthen partnerships with businesses, academia, non-profit, healthcare and government institutions on a global scale, informing decision makers and innovating together to solve the most world’s most pressing challenges.


Imperial College London has deep ties and relationships in China:

  • President Xi Jinping visited Imperial College London on his state visit in 2015 in recognition of the College’s ongoing collaboration with Chinese partners.
  • Imperial is the UK's number one university collaborator with Chinese research institutions.
  • More than 600 research papers are published with Chinese institutions every year.
  • 2,600 Chinese students are studying at Imperial – our largest international group.
  • 225 Chinese staff are carrying out world leading research.
  • More than Imperial 7,000 alumni living in China – the largest group outside the UK.


Imperial College London's global industry partners can collaborate with the college in a variety of ways:

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