Stratagem IPM Ltd

Are you planning to extend your business into China (or elsewhere)?

We can provide the help you need to:

  • Plan your Intellectual Property (IP) strategy
  • Secure protection for your brands, inventions and designs
  • Conduct IP Audit and due-diligence checks, and clearance searches
  • Resolve IP conflicts, oppositions, infringements and internet domain name disputes
  • Take anti-counterfeiting actions


Our attorneys have experience across a wide range of technologies. We have experts who have worked in, and regularly visit China and other Far-Eastern countries. We have extensive links with specialist IP firms there to ensure the necessary local knowledge and expertise is available to support your business initiatives in the region.

We offer a friendly, responsive and personal service, handling all aspects of IP protection, for individual clients, small businesses or multi-national companies.

Our charges are competitive and negotiable for special projects.

Contact us directly for a free initial consultation about your plans.



  • 确保对品牌、发明和设计的保护
  • 进行知识产权审核、尽职调查以及许可搜索
  • 解决知识产权纠纷、对立、侵权以及互联网域名纠纷
  • 采取防伪措施
  • 获取针对新启动公司的专业支持





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