Sure Architecture

SURE Architecture is a leading global architecture and design practice providing architecture, interior, landscape and urban design & masterplanning services within Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and America. Our offices in London, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai allow us to apply international expertise with local knowledge and delivery thus supporting the communities in which we work. The company is built on the belief that good design can only be delivered by people with a deep social and cultural understanding of the communities they are designing for.

The award-winning company focuses on Sustainable Urban Regeneration & Eco Architecture, and that is where the name of SURE Architecture comes from. We are committed to our core value of design excellence and are dedicated to research & development and sustainability. Sure Architecture is a design-led architecture practice fusing international design quality with local service delivery. We draw on our global expertise to provide context-specific and cost-effective design to clients. Globalization and localization are also maintained in balance in our team and projects. 


作为国际领先的建筑设计事务所,绿舍都会 (SURE Architecture) 向客户提供多元化的服务:建筑设计、室内设计、景观设计、城市设计及总体规划等;业务遍及亚太、中东、欧洲和美洲。目前公司在全球设立了伦敦、北京、香港和上海四个办公室,依托国际化的专业技术知识,结合当地的地域文化,以一流设计成果服务于当地社区。我们坚信高品质的设计来源于对当地社区社会文化的深刻理解。

绿舍都会 (SURE Architecture)专注于城市可持续更新与生态建筑,绿舍都会也由此得名。公司在业界屡获殊荣,创作卓越的设计作品是我们一直追求的核心价值观。我们致力于相关领域的研发及建筑的可持续发展,以设计为导向,将国际品质与当地社区需要完美结合,充分发挥国际化团队的优势,因地制宜,使客户得到最大化的投资收益。我们在团队培养和项目运作过程中注重保持国际化和本土化的平衡。

UK Address
Level 30, The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 4AB

China Address
10819 Galaxy SOHO Tower A, No 2 Nanzhugan Hutong, Chaoyangmen Nei Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing China 100010

中国北京市东城区朝阳门内大街南竹杆胡同2号银河SOHO A座8层10819

Kam Fai Tai 戴锦辉
Chief Architect/Global Director 首席建筑师、全球董事
Tel: + 44 (0)750 2999 026 (UK) / + 86 (0)13911316903 (CN)