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Alphatex was founded in 2002 by Christian Murphy with the support of his partner Alpha Tops S.A. the world leader in the procurement, processing and trading of noble animal fibers: cashmere, alpaca and mohair. Alphatex specializes in fully-fashioned knitting, supplying global luxury brands in Europe and the U.S.A. We work with many of the world’s best designers and fashion houses, creating exquisitely made, fully fashioned knit-wear collections; soft tailoring; and cut and sew woven goods.  Sourcing the finest yarns from Europe and from within China and developing products in house, our mission is to deliver creative, top quality knitwear and woven luxury goods at a competitive price level. In addition to our core business, Alphatex has expanded rapidly into the corporate work wear market and exports corporate uniforms to twelve different countries for schools, hotels and multinationals. Alphatex is part of “nature’s network”, enabling us to form strong partnerships with other members of our group, all specializing in textile manufacturing with luxury noble fibers.

在合作伙伴Alpha Tops S.A.的支持下,Christian Murphy在2002年成立了Alphatex。Alpha Tops S.A.在羊绒,羊驼呢绒,马海毛等特殊纤维采购,加工和贸易领域都处于全球领先地位。Alphatex(北京阿尔法针织有限公司)主要为欧洲和美国的奢侈品牌提供时尚编织物。我们与世界上顶尖的设计师和时装公司通力合作,制作出了精美时尚的针织品系列,软剪裁,粗针织物产品。我们从欧洲和中国采购最好的纱线,并且在公司内部进行产品研发,目的就是以更具竞争力的价格生产出具有创造性的,质量优异的编织品和纺织奢侈品。在我们的核心业务之外,我们还在快速扩展企业工装市场,开始向十二个不同国家出口企业工装,客户类型包括学校,宾馆以及跨国公司。Alphatex(北京阿尔法针织有限公司)还加入了“自然网络”,与同组的其他成员建立了紧密的伙伴关系,这些伙伴都是从事奢侈特殊纤维纺织生产行业的企业。

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Cathy Li 李乔
Product development and merchandising Manager 产品开发及跟单部经理
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