James Durrans (Tianjin) Coating Ltd


James Durrans (Tianjin) specialises in the supply and development of refractory coatings for the ever changing demands of the modern global foundry market.

To meet the needs of the foundry market, the James Durrans Group has established manufacturing facilities in Europe, South Africa, India and China. These manufacturing and sales companies in collaboration with our R&D department based in Germany and our head office in Penistone, England, are able to work closely with our foundry partners to solve problems and improve casting quality.

James Durrans (Tianjin) has developed a range of products to suit the world first class foundries of WOFE & JV and Chinese State and privately owned customers in China and South East Asian countries.


杜伦斯(天津)依托母公司雄厚的技术实力和丰富的铸造领域实践经验,在提供产品的同时,为在中国的世界一流的独资、合资、国营和民营企业与东南亚国家的用户提供量身度造的产品与解决问题的方案。把世界领先的产品、技术引进中国,使用户以少量的投入, 获得最大的回报和更好的经济效益。 


UK Address
Phoenix Works, Penistone, Sheffield S36 9QU

China Address
1116 Huangshan Road, Tanggu Hi-tech Development Area, Tianjin 300451 China

天津塘沽海洋高新技术开发区黄山道1116号 300451

David J. Armitage
Managing Director
Tel: +86-22-2521 5906