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Based in London, Maitland is Europe’s leading financial, corporate & political communications consultancy. In the last 10 years, Maitland has continuously ranked among the top 5 Financial PR agencies in Europe, advised on over 700 M&A transactions, and supported over 50 IPOs, rights issues and ECM placings, raising over $100bn.

Maitland believes in critical communications, delivering strategic joined-up communications across all its clients’ critical audiences. It does not accept that communications fits into neat silos or tidy campaigns. In a digital age, reputations are built and maintained through an honest, consistent and transparent real-time dialogue with investors, customers, suppliers, policy-makers and employees alike.

Maitland has four major practices, including financial PR, corporate PR, capital market advisory, and political communications. We offer a suite of services including campaigns and events, crisis and reputation communications, cross-border communications, digital communications, IR advisory, litigation communications, sustainability communications, media relations, media training, public affairs, thought leadership and research, and transaction support.

Maitland has rich experience and expertise across a wide range of sectors, including banking and financial services, healthcare, industrial, natural resources, property, retailing, TMT, transport and leisure, government & NGO.

Maitland boasts of a wide global reach through AMO partnership and Havas Group. AMO partnership, of which Maitland is a founding member, is the leading global partnership of corporate and financial communications consultancies, with more than 1,200 communications professionals out of 51 offices in 28 countries. As a Havas company, Maitland forms part of the global advertising and communications group’s offering, and clients can benefit from its services in over 100 countries.

Maitland 位于伦敦,是一家欧洲领先的财经、企业和政治传播公司。在过去的十年里,Maitland一直是欧洲前五大财经公关公司,参与了700多次并购交易,协助了50多次的首次公开募股、供股、配股,筹集资金超过1,000亿美元。


在全球网络方面,Maitland 是AMO partnership和汉威士集团(Havas Group)的重要成员。前者是国际领先的财经传播网络,由来自28个国家51个办公室的1,200多位员工组成。后者是国际广告传播集团,服务覆盖100多个国家。

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