Irwin Mitchell LLP

As a full service law firm, Irwin Mitchell’s combination of experience and expertise, ensure a finely-tuned understanding of client’s needs, guiding legal advice and solutions tailored to individual circumstances.  At the heart of the firm’s commitment to client care, lies a promise to “exceed client expectations”, whether representing a private client, an SME, a Plc, high street bank or national insurance company. This ethos has helped us to grow into one of the UK’s most successful and respected law firms.

Our China Group provides commercial advice for both Chinese companies looking to invest outside of China, as well as UK and international companies looking to invest or operate in China. Our focus in services for individuals, sitting alongside our services to businesses, gives us a unique market proposition which we will continue to leverage in China and internationally.

Irwin Mitchell has a wealth of experience advising both British and Chinese companies and individuals on the full range of legal matters.

We help:

  • UK clients who want to do business with China
  • Businesses in China who want work with or in the UK
  • Independent law firms in China who need a legal partner in the UK to support their clients
  • High and ultra-high net worth Chinese individuals who plan to invest in the UK

Irwin Mitchell services include:

  • Banking and finance
  • Business immigration
  • Construction
  • Cross-border reorganisations
  • Data protection
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Employment and Pensions
  • Funding
  • Intellectual Property
  • Investment agreements
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Outsourcing
  • Private Wealth
  • Property planning
  • Real estate
  • Tax
  • Technology, media and communications


Irwin Mitchell律师事务所提供全方位服务,将经验与专长相结合,确保能精准地了解客户的需要,从而根据个体情况量身定制法律建议和解决方案。Irwin Mitchell律师事务所致力于提供高水准的客户关怀,核心是不断致力于“超越客户期望”的承诺,无论是代表私人客户、中小企业、公共有限公司、高街银行抑或国家保险公司,我们都以此要求自己,竭诚为客户服务。正是这种精神特质帮助我们成长为英国最成功且最受尊敬的律所。


Irwin Mitchell律师事务所在为英国、中国公司以及个人就各类法律事务提供建议上,拥有丰富的经验。


  • 希望与中国开展业务的英国客户
  • 希望与英国合作或在英国开展业务的中国企业
  • 需要英国法律合作伙伴来为其客户提供支持的中国独立律所
  • 计划在英国投资的中国高或超高净值人士

Irwin Mitchell律师事务所提供的服务包括:

  • 银行和金融
  • 商业移民
  • 建筑
  • 跨境重组
  • 数据保护
  • 争议解决
  • 就业和养老金
  • 提供资金
  • 知识产权
  • 投资协议
  • 合资企业与战略联盟
  • 并购
  • 外包
  • 私人财富
  • 财产规划
  • 房地产
  • 税务
  • 技术、媒体和通信



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