International Hospitals Group (IHG)

<p>International Hospitals Group (IHG) is one of the most experienced international healthcare services companies in the world.</p>

<p>Founded in 1978 IHG has successfully completed over 480 healthcare projects in 52 countries for private and public sector clients including 24 national Governments, the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation.</p>

<p>IHG is independent and therefore has an objective and personalised approach to each healthcare project.</p>

<p>IHG is dedicated to healthcare and has a number of unique strategic partnerships boosting links with the UK NHS skills and higher training and education. These include: NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement (Worldwide), James Cook University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust and Training Gateway-UK Universities. Using this unique resource combined with our worldwide healthcare experience built up over many decades, IHG delivers to each of our clients high quality sustainable healthcare solutions which are appropriate to a particular project and the countrys needs.</p>


<p>国际医疗集团(IHG)是​一家具备丰富国际经验的医疗管理服务机构。<br />
<br />
IHG成立于1978年,在超过52个国家成功完成逾480个综合项目,其客户包括24个国家政府,联合国,世界银行和国际金融组织。<br />
<br />
IHG是完全独立的,对每个医疗项目都能客观、个性化地着手进行。<br />
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IHG致力于医疗保健,并且与许多英国健康署NHS的高等技能教育培训机构有着独特的战略伙伴关系。其包括:NHS创新与改进中心(全球),James Cook大学医院,NHS信托基金和英国大学的培训组织。在过去的几十年中,我们将全球医疗经验与独特资源相结合,交付给我们客户符合特定项目与国家需求的高质量可持续的医疗解决方案。</p>

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