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CCIC LONDON is an inspection, verification and certification service organisation independently invested and established by China Certification & Inspection Group Co., Ltd (CCIC Group) in the UK.

CCIC has a network that consists of 40 domestic and 26 overseas subsidiaries, and more than 120 sub-branches/offices, covering major ports and trade centres throughout the world. CCIC is dedicated to providing impartial, swift, reliable and localised services throughout our global network. Tailor-made services will be provided to meet individualised requirements.

CCIC LONDON was founded in 1991 with our main services in inspection, certification, testing and market access consulting services related to import and export trade in the UK and Europe. The company operates strictly in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020 and has been approved by the Chinese authority to undertake the pre-shipment inspection of renewable resources and used machinery.

CCIC LONDON has a strong team of experienced technicians who have great knowledge in regulatory affairs concerning China market access requirements and Chinese standards. The company has extensive experience working with Chinese regulatory bodies and their officials to provide actionable guidance on rules and regulations and supporting audits by the regulators. Our services have helped European manufacturers to be better prepared for official inspections, discover gaps and prevent misunderstandings due to cultural differences.


中检伦敦公司始建于1991年,主要在英国及欧洲地区从事与进出口贸易相关的检验、认证、测试及市场准入咨询等方面的业务。公司严格按照ISO/IEC 17020进行管理和运营,得到中国政府主管部门认可承担海外再生资源和旧机电设备的装运前检验。


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