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Not your average logistics company.

3P Logistics provide the complete range of outsourced logistics services to both B2B and B2C E-Commerce companies. We help Chinese businesses to sell to the UK and European markets and we help UK and European businesses to sell to China and beyond. From freight management and order fulfilment through to E-Commerce support and end customer delivery, we have every angle of your supply chain covered. If you’re a B2B or B2C E-Commerce that values quality affordable logistics then 3P Logistics are the answer. Service excellence combined with our unusually diverse service offering makes us the preferred logistics partner for a wide range of National and International businesses from early stage SME`s to well established blue chip companies.

Our extended range of services includes:

Freight Management:
Whether it is consumer electronics from China, fashion garments from India or office products from the USA, our on-site freight department takes care of it all. For both imports and exports we are your ideal partner for cross border trade.

General Warehousing:
From Container de-stuffing and pallet storage right through to returns management and stock control we are able to provide the complete range of flexible “pay as you use” warehousing services.

E fulfillment:

We oversee the complete process from initial point of online sale right through to the delivery of a consignment to end customer and can also incorporate returns handling.

E-Commerce Support:
For any online business seeking a truly virtual approach then our extensive range of e commerce support services are just the ticket. From listing support and online store build to web photography and inbound telesales, you can take your pick.

Whether it is a single item through a parcel network or a full trailer load direct to customer we have a wide range of delivery services to suit. Our global reach also ensures that we cater for International deliveries just as easy as UK deliveries.

Customer Services:
Our service department is on hand to answer consumer inquiries on your behalf and can also provide inbound telesales support.

With a proven track record in helping businesses to expand overseas we are the preferred logistics partner for many high growth businesses.

To see how we can help to support your International expansion call us +44 (0) 844 871 2011 or email us at



3P 物流公司为B2B 和B2C电商公司提供全面的外包服务。
我们帮助中国的电商企业把商品卖到英国及欧洲市场。与此同时,我们也帮助英国和欧洲公司拓展他们的中国和其他海外市场。从货运管理和订单处理,以及电商技术支持和运送到客户手中。我们从不同角度出发来为您提供所有的供应链服务。如果您致力于B2B和B2C领域同时又在寻找一家高质量以及收费合理的第三方物流服务公司,那3P logistics会是您不二的选择。优秀的服务结合我们非同寻常多元化的服务理念使我们成为一家国内(英国)和国际无论中小企业还是知名大公司首选的合作伙伴。







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