Fieldfisher China was first established in Beijing in 2008. With offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, it is unlike other international law firms, as the firm has its own practicing license in China and is can practice in all areas of Chinese law. All of the Fieldfisher China lawyers have previously worked at leading international firms and have studied or worked abroad. This allows them to provide clients with an international perspective when maneuvering through the nuances of the Chinese legal environment. As part of the Fieldfisher network, Fieldfisher China is able to combine its local roots with global know-how, and can offer cross-border, integrated, legal services for both out-going Chinese companies and multinational enterprises. Fieldfisher China specialises in antitrust and competition, capital markets, corporate, dispute resolution, employment, inbound investment, intellectual property, outbound investment and tax; and its sectors include: TMT, retail, logistics, manufacturing, energy, internet business, sports and infrastructure. Its clients range from global 500 companies, leading state-owned enterprises, as well as small and medium companies.

北京斐石律师事务所(“斐石中国”)于2008年在北京成立,目前在北京、上海和广州拥有办公室。与其他国际律师事务所的中国办公室不同,斐石中国拥有中国司法部颁发的执业许可证,有资格提供全面的中国法法律服务。斐石中国的多名律师曾在大型国际律所工作并有海外学习或工作经历。斐石中国律师能够精确入微地把握中国的法律环境并向客户提供具有全球视野的法律服务,这种特质非常有利于其在全球化背景下的发展。 作为斐石全球网络的一员,斐石中国将国际化与本地化有效结合,为国内外企业提供真正的跨国法律服务。 斐石中国专长于反垄断与竞争法、资本市场、公司、争议解决、劳动法、境内投资、知识产权、境外投资和税法等业务领域,提供的法律服务涉及TMT、零售、物流、制造业、能源、互联网、体育和基础设施等行业,客户涵盖了全球五百强公司、领先的国有企业及中小型公司等各类企业。

Additional Locations in China

Fieldfisher China, 0731 Building C,Chaowai SOHO,6B Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District Beijing 100020, China

Additional Locations in China (Chinese):

北京斐石律师事务所,中国北京市朝阳区朝外大街乙6号朝外SOHO C座0731

Zhaofeng Zhou 周照峰
Managing Partner 管理合伙人
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