Beijing Dynaso Technical Consulting Co., Ltd

<p>Founded in 2005, Dynaso is a key regional specialist consultancy and professional service company in automotive and transportation industry. We help global companies tackle the complex challenges of the industry across fields of international market access, business growth and competitive advantage build-up, through dedicated teams and custom-built programs. </p>
<p>We provide unrivaled expertise in the areas of:<br />
- Market intelligence<br />
- Consultancy<br />
- Outsourcing</p>
<p>Today, our clients include dozens of most prestigious organizations – public and private – in China, North America, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia, ranging from well-known Fortune 500, to small but unique high-end brands. </p>
<p>Headquartered in Beijing, China, we have offices in Shanghai, Singapore and Melbourne, with alliance partners in automotive markets around the world. We speak mandarin, English, French and Japanese, and the team has a strong cross-cultural understanding and communication competence.</p>

<p>迅孚公司成立于2005年,是一家立足中国,在汽车和交通运输行业服务国内外客户的独立咨询与外包服务公司。通过专业的团队和客户定制项目,我们帮助客户在国际市场准入、本地业绩增长以及发展竞争优势方面处理复杂的行业挑战。 </p>
<p> 迅孚公司在以下三个领域向客户提供极具竞争力的服务:<br />
- 市场情报<br />
- 商业咨询<br />
- 外包服务</p>
<p>今天,我们服务的客户包括众多著名企业和机构,分布在中国、北美、欧洲、日本和东南亚,既有财富 500 强大型汽车和零部件公司,也有小规模的高端汽车品牌;既有大型贸易和服务企业集团,也有政府专业机构和协会。</p>

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Unit 1708, East Ocean Centre, A-24 Jianguomen Outer Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100004, PR China

北京朝阳区建国门外大街甲24号东海中心大厦 1708 室

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Room 505, International Automobile City Tower, No. 888 South Moyu Road, Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai 201805, PR China

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Lynn Zhao 赵琳玲
Business Development Director 业务发展总监
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