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ChinaCache (NASDAQ: CCIH) is the premiere CDN in China.

Founded in 1998, ChinaCache is both the first and the largest content delivery service provider in China. Boasting more than fifteen years of CDN experience, ChinaCache has more than 1,500 employees across the world with global service coverage. More than 20,000 servers, 8.2 billion pages served daily, and 80 million unique IP visits per day make ChinaCache the leading IDC provider and the content delivery industry's most recognized name in China. ChinaCache is also the only China-focused pure-play CDN publicly traded on NASDAQ.

With extensive experience serving multinational clients in enterprise, e-commerce, banking, online gaming, media, and a number of other industries, ChinaCache's passionate and dedicated global team provides top notch service around the clock no matter where you are. Performance, reliability, scalability, and flexible content delivery are the fundamental beliefs that ChinaCache strives to uphold, ensuring clients not only provide positive experiences to their end-users but also have positive experiences themselves working with ChinaCache's CDN and cloud services.

ChinaCache成立于1998年,是中国领先的互联网内容传输服务整体解决方案提供商,向客户提供全方位网络内容快速分布解决方案。作为2000年首家获信产部许可的CDN服务提供商,目前ChinaCache在全世界拥有28000多台服务器, 为国内外30000余家知名企业提供网络应用基础服务,业务遍及欧洲、亚洲、美洲和大洋洲。
2010年ChinaCache面向全球正式发布新一代“内容感知网络服务”(Content Aware Network)通过终端感知、网络感知和应用感知系统,提供递送内容在终端、网络和应用之间的智能存储、分发与适配服务,使不同的行业客户需求在不同的应用场景下,都能为终端用户提供最佳的使用体验,提供云到端的一体化高性价比解决方案。

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