RIAA Barker Gillette (UK) LLP


<p>A commercial, dispute resolution and private client firm based in the heart of London&#039;s West End. We have years of expertise and flair, not just in narrow specialist fields but in wider background areas and interests. The firm prides itself on its approachable and collegiate feel and the accessibility of our partners to their clients.</p>

<p>我们是一家以商务和诉讼著称的坐落于伦敦市西区的律师楼。本所拥有多年的法律专业技能和经验, 不仅能在专业领域内, 更可以在极为广泛的法律领域内为客户提供全方位的法律服务。本所以其平易近人和学院风范以及客户无障碍接触合伙人而引以为豪。</p>

UK Address
11-12 Wigmore Place, London W1U 2LU

China Address
Room 1108 & 1112, Building D Marriott Office Building (Wan Hao Xie Zi Lou), 7 Jian Guo Men Nan Da Jie, Dong Cheng, Beijing China

中国北京市东城区建国门南大街7号万豪写字楼D座1108 及1112室

Ahsan Rizvi, Ayla Ahmed and Simon Levi
Lawyers 律师
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7636 0555
Fax:+44 (0)20 7323 3950