Fundsurfer Ltd is a UK based crowdfunding and investment platform. We provide our clients with access to our unique blend of funding options and support. Our mission is to help companies raise funding faster and more efficiently. We work with a network of global investors including family offices, venture capital funds, private equity and angel investor consortiums. We provide our investors with pre-qualified and vetted investment opportunities.

Since launching in 2014 Fundsurfer has worked with a number of Chinese partners and investors, helping to bridge investment into the UK. We also work on the tier-one entrepreneur and investor visa programmes, matching our UK clients with Chinese investors/ entrepreneurs who can help them to access the Chinese market for products and services.

Fundsurfer is a member of the China-British Business Council (CBBC) and the Bristol China Partnership.

Our mission is to help change and disrupt the way that companies secure finance and investment, making it faster, more efficient and a better experience.

It takes 6-12 months on average to raise equity and 55% of UK SMEs use credit cards to fund their growth. This is a big problem. If we are to support global eco-systems of innovative companies we have to be bold in the way that we challenge traditional methods and sources of finance.
Our investment readiness programs help ensure clients are ready for each stage of their companies funding requirements. The Fundsurfer marketplace offers access to our portfolio clients to help build, grow and develop their companies.

Fundsurfer is more than a fintech company, while we have built funding products for our platform in-house like Crypto Crowdfunding or Community Share Offers, we have also built a broad global network of investors, entrepreneurs, funding partners, private/public sector specialists and visionaries.





我們的投資準備計劃有助於確保客戶為公司資金需求的每個階段做好準備。 Fundsurfer市場為我們的投資組合客戶提供幫助,幫助他們建立,發展和發展他們的公司。

Fundsurfer不僅僅是一家金融科技公司,雖然我們已經為我們的內部平台建立了融資產品,如Crypto Crowdfunding或Community Share Offers,我們還建立了廣泛的全球投資者,企業家,資金合作夥伴,私營/公共部門專家和夢想家。

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Engine Shed, Station Approach, Bristol, BS1 6QH

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Oliver Mochizuki
CEO 聯合創始人
Tel: 0044 7766012365