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<p>Headquartered in Shanghai, China Eastern Air Holding Company (CEAH) is among China’s three major air transportation groups. It originated from the first squadron established by former Civil Aviation Administration of Shanghai in January, 1957. Through continuous structural adjustment and resource integration, CEAH has evolved into a major aviation industry group with an integrated service system focusing on core business of aviation transportation and logistics, reinforced by a wide range of additional businesses including aviation real estate, aviation finance, advertising media and duty-free, air catering, trade and logistics, general aviation, and industrial investment.</p>
<p>As the core undertaking of CEAH, China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. was the first Chinese airline to be listed on New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai stock markets in 1997. Currently, it operates a fleet of over 600 aircrafts, with average age less than 5.5 years, being one of the youngest fleets in major airlines in the world. As a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, CEA serves over 100 million passengers globally and ranks 7th in the world. Through an air network, CEA now reaches 1,052 destinations in 177 countries. Frequent Flyer of Eastern Miles are privileged with 672 lounges worldwide within all 20 SkyTeam member airlines.</p>
<p>Committed to serving national welfare and people’s livelihood, economic and social development, reform and opening up, CEAH constantly pursues the coordinated development of “national interest, economic benefits and social welfare”. In 2011, it set out the development guideline of “transforming from a traditional air passenger carrier to a modern integrated air service provider”. In 2012, inspired by the Chinese dream, CEAH put forth the China Eastern Dream, that is, to develop CEAH into a word-class airline in great harmony.</p>
<p>Since 2009, CEAH has been widely recognized by the society and nominated for a string of awards.</p>

<p> 作为集团核心主业的中国东方航空股份有限公司,1997年成为首家在纽约、香港、上海三地上市的中国航企。</p>
<p> 借助天合联盟,东航构建起以上海为核心枢纽、通达全球177个国家1074个目的地的航线网络,年旅客运输量超过1.1亿人,位列全球第七, “东方万里行”常旅客可享受天合联盟20家航空公司的会员权益及全球超过600间机场贵宾室。</p>
<p> 公司运营着超过650架、平均机龄5.39年的全球最年轻大型机队,拥有中国规模最大、商业和技术模式领先的75架互联网宽体机队,在中国民航首家开放手机等便携式设备使用。</p>
<p> 东航致力于以精致、精准、精细服务为全球旅客创造精彩旅行体验,近年来荣获中国民航飞行安全最高奖——“飞行安全钻石奖”,连续7年获评全球品牌传播集团WPP“最具价值中国品牌”前50强,连续3年入选品牌评级机构Brand Finance“全球品牌价值500强”,在运营品质、服务体验、社会责任等领域屡获国际国内殊荣。</p>

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