Immersive is an interdisciplinary creative studio that designs boundary-pushing experiences, artworks and installations.


The studio was founded by creative visionary John Munro in 2004 and has since grown into a global team with a reputation for developing and expanding the use of new technologies to push the art of storytelling into increasingly immersive realms.

Each project is conceptualised and managed in-house, whilst working collaboratively with clients and partners to produce uniquely tailored, world-first experiences that reach beyond expectations.


By harnessing the talent of leading directors, artists, programmers, designers, producers and technical specialists, we combine expert craft methods with cutting-edge research. With every project, we push our imagination to transcend physical and conceptual boundaries, expanding the perception of what's possible.


Whether it is designing new virtual and augmented realities, transformative installations, live performances or bespoke experiences for brands, our work is linked by a strong commitment to quality and a focus on delivering an outstanding audience experience. By partnering with leading creatives and technical specialists from around the world, we continually push the creative industry's boundaries to change the way the world tells and experiences stories.




我们工作室于2004年由富有远见卓识的John Munro年创立,目前已成长为一个专注于开发和扩大使用新技术将叙述的艺术推向越发身临其境之领域的专业全球知名团队。




作为一个由知名导演、艺术家、程序员、设计师、制片人以及技术专家组成的智囊团,我们能够向客户同时提供专家级的工艺方法以及尖端研究。在每一个项目中, 我们都能够推动我们的想象力超越物理和概念的界限, 扩大对其可能性的感知。





UK Address
19- 23 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AA, United Kingdom

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41 Hengshan Road, T2-9D, Xuhui District, Shanghai, 200031, China
Additional Locations in UK

5 Finchmead Lane, Stroud, Petersfield, UK, GU32 3PF

Additional Locations in China

Suite 1601-1603, Kinwick Centre, 32 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

John Munro
CEO & Founder
Tel: +84 133 1190 6722