Heighten Europe Ltd


<p>Solutions company for SMEs. </p>
<p>We help International and Chinese companies improve their import &amp; export operations through Shanghai and provide a tailored solution to help your business deal with the challenges that arise.</p>
<p>Focus:<br />
Logistics (Sea, air, rail, road, waterway, warehousing etc.)<br />
Import and Export (documentation, licensing, certification etc.)<br />
Museum logistics, food & drink, medical, machinery industry expertise<br />
Legal<br />
Finance<br />
Connecting the dots</p>
<p>Our aim is to free up you and your team&#039;s time to focus on your business&#039;s needs.</p>


UK Address
Blandford, Dorset

China Address
Hongkou District


James Grayland 杨俊成
Director 总监
Tel: +44 7881 621330 / +86 139 1605 0983