Guang Hua Media (UK) Limited

The Guanghua Culture and Media Company, with its headquarters in Paris, is a media group founded in 1983. And Europe Daily News, the flagship publication of our company, is the most popular newspaper published in Chinese language in Europe.
After more than 30 years of development, the Guanghua Culture and Media Company has become an important cultural information group, which consists of a journal, 5 weekly newspapers (published in France, England, Germany, Austria and Italy), 2 websites, a travel agency, a food magazine, a cultural entertainment center, a publishing house and a Chinese language school., the website of the Guanghua Culture and Media Company, is regarded as one of the most complete Chinese information platform in Europe. Thanks to various Chinese information platforms (WeChat, Weibo, mobile applications, etc.), disseminates the information related to different aspects of Europe: culture, education, tourism, student organizations, business, etc.
Now, we are pleased to invite all the organizations in Europe to take full advantage of our platform, which provides you an excellent opportunity to share your activities, have your own subscribers, expand your influence with our audience by creating your account here. If you are interested, please contact us.