Stagecoach Theatre Arts Ltd

At Stagecoach Performing Arts, we teach 4-18 year-olds to sing dance and act; not only to perform on stage but importantly, to perform better in life.

For 30 years we have seen over one million young people gain confidence, stretch themselves and build essential life skills while learning from specialist teachers.

Our fun and engaging classes continue to give students both the structure and freedom to explore and develop, and as our students grow, the individual businesses in our network also grow and flourish. We have continually refined our franchise model, which is one reason why 45,000 students flock to Stagecoach each week.

Founded in 1988, Stagecoach is the market leader in part-time performing arts schools the UK.
We have more than 650 Stagecoach schools in nine countries including Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Gibraltar, Malta, South Africa and Spain.
Over 45.000 students attend Stagecoach Schools worldwide.
We have both new and established territories for sale.

Together we make a difference to our students’ lives!

UK Address
The Courthouse, Elm Grove, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 1LZ

Sarah Kelly
Tel: 0800 915 0199