AE Link Limited

AELINK—Asia Europe Link. A professional UK-based international business consultancy and trading company based in Derby.

With more than 10 years of import and export experiences between UK and China. Our experts all come from professional business backgrounds and have extensive knowledge and experience in international business operations. We are proud of the professional and efficient services we offer to help and support our clients.

We have a clear understanding about the import/export process. Being local in UK, we are able to keep close communication, to ensure the complete clarity of UK and EU customer needs, thoughts, expectations. We know the best way to communicate with business partners who sit in different parts of the world. You will have direct contact with your dedicated consultant in UK, taking away the stress of ‘going it alone’, and allowing you to rely on our seamless operation process.

For UK and EU business, the services we provide are:
1. Sourcing and import from China, supply chain and logistic services
2. Sales and export to China
3. Development of distribution networks in China
4. Advice on sales strategy
5. China e-commerce business platform access, ie, Wechat, Tmall

For China business, the services we provided are:
1. Exporting to UK and EU
2. Identifying potential clients in UK and EU
3. Providing warehouse and logistics services in UK & EU
4. Acting as distributor and business partner to promote the customer’s brand
5. Develop the local B2B channel
6. UK and EU Amazon and Ebay e-commerce operations

1. 寻找国内合适的供应商和运输服务
2. 出口中国
3. 发展在中国的分销途径
4. 提供关于中国销售的策略
5. 中国商务电子平台入驻,比如:京东,微信,天猫等
1. 出口到英国与欧洲
2. 确定英国和欧洲的潜在客户
3. 提供在英国和欧洲的仓库与运输服务
4. 作为分销商和生意伙伴,帮助客户推广品牌
5. 提升本地B2B渠道
6. 英国和欧洲亚马逊和Ebay电子品牌操作

UK Address
80 nightingale Road. Derby

Lily Fu 傅丽
Manager 经理
Tel: 01332742612