Joinway Dental Clinic

Dentistry is also an art!

As a reputable dental practice in Beijing, our goal is to offer premium and specialized dental services to people who would like to have a beautiful new smile and live a healthy life.
At Joinway Dental, we understand well that teamwork is the key to patient care and satisfaction, and fortunately and proudly, we have a highly qualified international team of dental specialists and professionals.
All our dentists, nurses, assistants and administrative staff are self-confident, friendly and humane. We treat our patients in the way we treat our own families. We respect every patient who calls us or comes in for consultation or dental care. In this warm, welcoming and caring environment, we’d like to spend more time and energy to understand our patients during the consultation, and frankly tell them the treatment options tailed for them so that they can make a decision. More often than not, we educate our patients on the knowledge of dentistry, and answer almost any questions they ask. We go all out to deliver the highest quality dental care for every patient, and we prepare full and complete medical records to facilitate our patients’ future treatment in our clinic or other clinics around the world.


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China Address
11D,building D,Oriental Kenzo Plaza,No.48 Dongzhimen Wai Street,Dong Cheng District.


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Dr. Jane Zhang 张智眉
Senior Dentist/Company Director 主任
Tel: +8613901096692