TianAn Cyber Park Group Co., Ltd.


TIAN AN CYBER PARK Group is a leading developer and operator of industrial real estate, highly prestigious in the development of industrial parks and enterprise incubation in China.
Established in 1990 and headquartered in Shenzhen, the most innovative city in China, it has been developing and managing 17 industrial properties in 11 cities all over China. It is dedicated to building the innovative enterprises ecosystem, which provides all kinds of physical space and supporting facilities to meet the demands of upstream and downstream enterprises at different growth stages, so as to form the complete industry chain of relevant industries.
Meanwhile, it builds platforms to provide government-related services and other professional services including talents services, financial services, intellectual property services, product design and exhibition services etc., and to promote resources docking for enterprises, thus forming a vibrant ecological environment which facilitates the rapid growth of enterprises.
At present, TIANAN CYBER PARK(GROUP) operates more than 16,000,000 square meters within 4 national incubators, including 6 national maker spaces.It is a reputable partner who has served about 12,000 small and medium-sized growth-oriented innovative private enterprises,incubated 80 listed enterprises and 100 companies  applying for listing. Also, it has formed partnerships with over 100 excellent enterprises and well-known business organizations as well as service organizations.
For the time being, domestically TIANAN CYBER PARK has become the strategic partner with the industry pioneer such as HUAWEI and TENCENT, with which it cooperates on the innovation of intellectual industrial park, Cloud services promotion and big data. In the meanwhile, it is also in strategic cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology and Science and Technology Daily in the field of the innovative technology achievement exhibition and IPRs transaction.


China Address
TianAn Cyber Park, 19F Tower B, Hi-Tech Plaza Phase I, Fuutian, Shenzhen


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