Make It China

<p>MAKE IT CHINA is a marketing and consultancy agency, born out of the real need for services that bring together the best of China, and the best of the West. Cultural and language barriers are still the number one downfall for any foreign business trying to break into the Chinese market, and vice versa. We guide Chinese companies on marketing, and route to market in the West, and we enable British and European brands to land in China.</p>
<p>Make China was founded in 2016 by Chinese native Dennis Hu, and British national Willow Hu. The company's mission is to achieve greater communication between the West and China, to facilitate the sharing of ideas and information through digital marketing, consultancy and business services.</p>

<p>Make it China, 中文取名“中国帜造”,“帜”旗帜之意,喻自成一家。<br />
“中国帜造” 旨在帮助优质的中国企业和旅游产品利用数字营销,打造符合西方思维的品牌形象,帮助客户寻找到更多的客户资源,从而打造一个独树一帜的中国品牌形象。<br />
我们的目标:成为客户海外营销事业部的一部分。<br />

UK Address
13 Orchard Street, BRISTOL, BS1 5EH

China Address
Shēnzhèn shì fútián qū méilín jiēdào méi huá lù 123 hào dōngfāng xīng dàshà 403


Willow Hu 胡柳树
Director of Marketing 市场营销总监
Tel: +447544499548