China Marketing Corp Ltd

China Marketing Corp was founded with the vision of eliminating misconceptions when it comes to digital marketing in China. With our efforts, we will bring China closer to international marketers. No more language and cultural barriers!

We help international brands to market themselves in China, vice versa, we also support Chinese businesses to assist them expand globally in their language. We strive to deliver top quality services and ultimately create digital success for our customers.

We cover services in different aspects in marketing including:
• Translation, English to Chinese, and Chinese to other European languages
• Copywriting, in Chinese and European languages
• Social Media Marketing, we cover Weibo, WeChat, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and
• KOL Marketing covers 11 platforms
• Search Engine Paid Ads, Baidu, 360 Search, Sogou, Shenma, Google, Bing, Yandex, and Naver
• Search Engine Optimization, Baidu and Google
• Bespoke Consultancy and Market Research, China, UK and US only
• Offline Advertising in theatres/ cinemas, nationwide in China only
• Cross border ecommerce support for exporting to China only


UK Address
Round Foundry Media Centre, Foundry Street,Leeds, LS11 5QP

Christina Xu 许蕊
Tel: 0044 7712717544