Serica Consulting Ltd

With a commercial landscape like no other, the nations vast size and fragmented nature, combined with a unique and heavily regulated online ecosystem, makes doing business in China intimidating even to the most experienced professionals. Companies cannot simply apply their well-worn practices and strategies and expect to be successful, but must instead full adapt and localise their approach.

Our team of western and Chinese consultants provide unique strategies and solutions to companies looking to make their mark in China. Through a combination of strategy, coaching, advice and practical services – such as training, branding, marketing and translation – we give our clients the knowledge, tools and confidence needed to successfully navigate their way through this unfamiliar market.


Offices in both regions.
A talented team of western and Chinese consultants.
Versatility within our services to meet your needs.
Working relationships with local governments, SOE’s and private companies.

We are the perfect partner to grow your business in China.


凯那瑞管理咨询( Serica Consulting )是一家外商独资精品管理咨询公司。我们致力于帮助中国企业实现海外业务拓展, 也为西方企业融入中国大陆市场提供一系列服务。面对陌生的市场时,我们的客户会感到不安,凯那瑞的使命就是用客户熟悉的方式提供足够专业的服务,提振他们的信心,协助他们拓展业务,将他们带领到商业成功的彼岸。


UK Address
Suite LP36408, 20-22 Wenlock Street, London, N1 7GU

China Address
Zijin Innovation Town, Office 302, Building E1, 3 Xiyuan Road, Xihu District Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 310012


Benjamin Speyer 苏博文
Managing Director 董事总经理
Tel: +8613758176722