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Our specialist Chinese services division can assist you in your own language, covering roles at all levels; from new graduates, through to senior management and across all industries. Your role may require Chinese language skills, an understanding of Chinese culture, or simply be within a Chinese business environment – whatever the case, Centre People’s dedicated team can assist you through every step of the process to ensure you get the right staff.

您的招聘需求可能多种多样,可能需要良好的中文沟通能力; 或者能理解中国的文化; 或者有在中国公司工作的经历; 不管是何种情况,Centre People 的专业团队都可以帮助您把控招聘流程的每一个过程,确保您获得理想的人才

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Mr Shuncai Wang 王舜才
Recruitment Consultant – Chinese Division 招聘主管—中国部
Tel: 0207 929 5551