Occam Training Limited


Occam provides China training and consulting services to businesses and government agencies. Our face-to-face training has been deployed in 5 countries to over a thousand organisations. Our ChinaTasks online video training is deployed for individuals, companies and the staff of the entire New Zealand Government.

Occam was initially established in Shanghai in 2006 to provide face-to-face China training and consultancy for western & Chinese staff of multinational companies in China. Occam has over 50 MNC clients in China across a wide range of sectors including airlines, hotel chains, nuclear power, car, aircraft & high-speed train manufacturers, supermarket chains, civil engineering companies and more.

New Zealand
In 2011 Occam won government contracts to provide face-to-face China training in New Zealand for government staff and business people in support of the New Zealand - China Free Trade Agreement. From 2011 to 2015 Occam delivered 300+ days of training to 1700+ people in 800+ companies and government organisations. In 2014 Occam deployed online-China training and now has 48 training videos permanently deployed for the staff of the entire New Zealand Government.

United Kingdom
In 2018 Occam established Occam Training Ltd in the UK to provide China services to UK companies and government organisations in support of challenges and opportunities created by Brexit. ChinaTasks online training is the first such service.



UK Address
23 Church Road, Yatton, Bristol, BS494HH

Tony Childs
Managing Director
Tel: 07 858 555 004