Pine Technologies Ltd.

PTL Group provides managerial and operational support for international companies throughout the various stage of their China market entry and growth. PTL Group’s wide range of professional services, tailored to international companies in China, work to reduce time-to-market, enhance competitiveness and increase operational efficiency.

For over two decades PTL Group’s management and operational infrastructures have enabled international companies to carry out a variety of business activities in China, in a more lean and cost-effective manner. From day one companies can: hire local employees, manage sales and distribution, conduct local currency transactions, digital marketing campaigns, and more. As a strategic partner, PTL Group’s in-house experts ensure that full operational transparency is maintained in every aspect of their China business. PTL Group's service packages offer flexible and modular solutions tailored to companies both with and without an entity in China.

PTL Group's professional services in China:
•    Recruitment & HR Management
•    Hosting in shared offices
•    Financial Management & Accounting
•    Sales & Distribution Support
•    Supply Chain Management
•    WFOE set-up and WFOE Management
•    Digital Marketing & Chinese Social Media
•    Assembly & Manufacturing
•    Operational Audits


Additional Locations in China

Room 301, 798 ZhaoJiaBang Rd Shanghai China

Additional Locations in China (Chinese):


Yael Farjun (WeChat ID: YaL_CH_ISR)
China BD, Partnerships & Marketing Manager
Tel: +86 21 64453190-151