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Exceptional holidays. Unforgettable memories.
DU Grand Tours is part of the David Urquhart Travel umbrella who have been delivering exceptional holidays and customer service since 1983. During this time we have carried over 4 million passengers across the British Isles and Europe building strong relationships with all of our suppliers allowing us to provide an excellent package service including accommodation, transport and all day out activities.
This has ranged through the domestic, inbound and international markets.
As a leader in the market, for the past 35 years we have gained fantastic experience in putting together the perfect group holiday. With over 3000 tailor made tours under our belt, whether you wish to explore Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales let us arrange your UK trip with a suggested Itinerary or if you want a tailor made experience get in touch with your requirements and let us design the experience for you.
Why Us?
• 34 years trading experience & over 4 million customers
• Bond protected funds
• Over 3000 tailor made tours
• Over 1600 international tours
• Personalized service, direct contact via email & telephone – no call centre
• Fully inclusive tours starting and finishing at your chosen airport
• Excellent value for money packages (travel throughout, accommodation & attractions)
• Here is what one of our groups had to say about us…
“As always, thank you for everything you have done for me and my clients, I do hope David Urquhart realizes what a fantastic person you are. My clients are over the moon at the package and the price. Thank you!”
Joyce Mills, Blue Ridge Travel Virginia

非凡假日 难忘回忆
• DU Grand Tours隶属于大卫∙厄克特旅行公司(David Urquhart Travel Limited)旗下,自1983年以来,为客户提供优质的假日服务
• 我们与英国及欧洲的供应商建立了密切的合作关系,接待游客总数超过三百多万人次。我们的优质服务套餐包括提供住宿、交通,以及全天游览活动。旅游路线覆盖国内、入境游及国际市场
• 在过去的34年里,我们从旅游产业中汲取了丰富的经验,保证了一流的服务水平。我们的团队致力于为客户提供最贴心的假日服务
• . 无论您是想要探索苏格兰、英格兰、爱尔兰或威尔士,您都将获得业界认可的优质服务。

• 34年的从业经验并为超过300万客户提供服务
• 客户资金保护
• 3000多条定制旅行路线
• 1600多条国际游线路
• 个人化服务,通过邮件和电话直接联络----不设语音电话中心
• 从自选往返机场的一条龙服务路线
• 高性价比套餐(全程交通、住宿及景点)
• 以下是一位客户对我们的评价…

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