IF UAV Technology Co.,Ltd


IF (Intelligent Flying) UAV Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of smart UAV that focus on searching & rescue, firefighting, precision agriculture, mapping, and inspection. Its headquarter is based in Wuhan, China. The company also provides drone flying training, aero photography, data analysis support, drone inspection, real-time video surveillance, and drone survey services to all industries.
As a company that makes UAV, IF UAV has the knowledge, specialist skills and equipment to design, manufacture and redesign special drones from raw materials right through to the finished products using a rapid design cycle and the ability to meet clients’ individual requirements.

The only drone flying site in central China that can enable the flying of UAV under regulated conditions has been built by the company. It supplies a world-class UAV flying environment, offering specialized facilities and 240m x 20m reinforce concrete airstrip .


UK Address
Thistie Cottage,Old Glasgow Road,Uddingston,G71 7PU

China Address
Hanjiangwan UAV Hi-Tech Park Gutian 3rd.Rd.Yanhe AV.Qiaokou Wuhan.Hubei China


Dong Xiang 向东
CEO 首席执行官
Tel: +86-013507159969